Monetized Videos not showing ads in youtube Problem Solved

When i upload a videos.then youtube show monetize is on butt ads are not show in youtube. Google adsense ads show in my channel butt YouTube not showing i solve who to show ads in YouTube or show ads in YouTube videos.

YouTube is an american video sharing website headquarter in sanbruno, earns advertising revenue from Google adsens,a program WITCH TARGET ADS ACCORDING SON-TENT AND AUDIENCE.who to make money with YouTube a long ti me i see a large number of peoples to make money with YouTube.

Monetized Videos not showing ads in YouTube Problem change policies to new ads not show any video to maximum 10000 i show ads YouTube videos.

YouTube ADS
YouTube marketing some companies to show brand ads.then YouTube make a payment in companies.then when we upload videos then show ads then YouTube payment show in different types.between the video video left side ads show.

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